The Channel's Hottest Q4 Spiffs & Promotions

Earn more with Chorus!

Chorus’ partner program pays the highest commissions in the industry and guarantees that you will get paid on-time, every time. The ever-evolving Chorus portfolio of products and services will allow you to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to your clients. Our extensive experience enables us to identify customer needs and connects you to the best and most innovative products. Chorus is laser-focused on educating you on the latest technologies and working with you on strategies to pursue and close opportunities, while providing hands-on support.

The December Spiff Collection

Earn a 0.25 MRR Bonus

  Props for your demos.

Rake in the cash!

You can earn up to 3x MRC with these great spiffs from Momentum.

Two Excellent Promos

Earn a bonus for the migration of XO Technology Upgrade Products to Verizon!
5 + 5 Promo!

WIN a trip to beautiful Costa Rica!

You and your significant other are invited to join Data Canopy for President’s Club in Costa Rica.

New Customer SPIFFs

You can earn up to 3x MRC on new orders.

Earn MORE with Telesystem

You can earn up to 300% with 2019 SPIFFs from Telesystem.

RING it IN with 6X MRR

You can earn more when you Partner with the Leader in UCaaS.

1x Ethernet Spiff

There is no better time to sell Business Ethernet to your customers.

Dreaming of your next getaway?

Make it a reality with the Voyant Incentive.

Get to the Cloud Faster & Earn up to 500%

You can earn up to 500% on closed deals.

SUMOsize Promo

Earn up to 6X MRR for every new deal registered.

Did you attend #2019FallForum?

Check out the End Zone Spiff and get your $100 bonus AMEX Gift Card Today....just for a demo! Get all the details NOW!


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